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Afghanistan: Rulers: 1843-1879

Ruling House: Durrānī - Muḥammadzāʾī (درانی - محمدزائی)
Pādshāh (پادشاه) [1]
Apr/May 1843 - 9 Jun 1863 Amīr Dūst Muḥammad Khān (امیر دوست محمد خان) [2]
12 Jun 1863 - 21 Feb 1879 Amīr Shīr ʿAlī Khān (امیر شیر/شېر علی خان) [3]
25 May 1866 - 4 Oct 1867 Amīr Muḥammad Afz̤al Khān (امیر محمد افضل خان) [4]
11 Oct 1867 - Oct 1868 Amīr Muḥammad Aʿẓam Khān (امیر محمد اعظم خان) [5]
28 Feb 1879 - 28 Oct 1879 Amīr Muḥammad Yaʿqūb Khān (امیر محمد یعقوب خان) [6]

[1] Amīr is the personal title of the ruling chief among the descendents of Dūst Muḥammad Khān in the male line.
[2] After a period of exile forced by the government of British India, Dūst Muḥammad Khān returned to Afghanistan in the spring of 1843. According to newspaper reports published in Indian press, he reached Jalalabad c. 19 Apr 1843 and then proceeded to Kabul where he was re-installed either in late April or May 1843.
[3] Publicly proclaimed ruler in Herat on 12 Jun 1863 and entered Kabul in Sep 1863. While on a military campaign, he lost Kabul which was occupied by the revolting regional army of Turkistan in Mar 1866. Shīr ʿAlī Khān retained control over Kandahar (except for 1867-1868) and Herat, eventually re-capturing Kabul on 8 Sep 1868. Before Kabul was occupied by the invading British army, Shīr ʿAlī Khān fled from the capital (13 Dec 1878) and moved to Mazar-i Sharif where he died on 21 Feb 1879.
[4] Publicly proclaimed ruler in Kabul on 25 May 1866, extending the territory under his control to Kandahar in Jan 1867.
[5] Publicly proclaimed ruler in Kabul on 11 Oct 1867. While on a military campaign in Ghazni, he lost control of Kabul (21 Aug 1868) and was forced to flee from the territory of Afghanistan (Oct 1868).
[6] Succeeded Shīr ʿAlī Khān in Kabul. The intention of Muḥammad Yaʿqūb Khān to abdicate was made known to the British military authority on 12 Oct 1879 and was publicly proclaimed in Kabul by the British on 28 Oct 1879.