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Nariman Narimanov

Нариман Кербалай Наджаф-оглы Нариманов (Nariman Kerbalaj Nadžaf-ogly Narimanov)

b. 2/14 Apr 1870, Tiflis, Russian Empire
d. 19 Mar 1925, Moscow, USSR

Title: Председатель Центрального Исполнительного Комитета СССР (Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR)
Term: 30 Dec 1922 - 19 Mar 1925
Chronology: 30 Dec 1922, elected, 1st session of the 1st Central Executive Committee [1]
19 Mar, 1925, died [2]
Names/titles: Azerbaijani: Nariman Кәrbəlay Nəcəf oğlu Nərimanov
As a student, Nariman Narimanov took part in the events of the Russian revolution (1905-1907) in Odessa and joined the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party in 1905. After his return to Transcaucasia, Narimanov continued his revolutionary activities and was one of the organizers of the Persian Ijtimaiyun Ammiyun social democratic party. Exiled to Astrakhan, Narimanov returned to Transcaucasia by the time of Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and became chairman of the Gummet ("Energy"), an Azerbaijani social democratic organization. When the Red Army marched into Baku in April 1920, Narimanov was included in the Azerbaijani Revolutionary Committee and soon became its chairman (16 May 1920 - 19 May 1921). In 1921, Narimanov headed the Soviet government of Azerbaijan, the Council of People's Commissars (May 1921 - 1922). In April-May 1922, Narimanov participated in the Conference of Genoa as a member of the Soviet delegation. In 1922, Narimanov was elected chairman of the Union Council of the Transcaucasian Federation. On 30 Dec 1922, the first session of the USSR Central Executive Committee elected Narimanov, who represented the Transcaucasian Federation, one of the four chairmen. In April 1923, he was made a candidate member of the Russian Communist Party Central Committee (1923-1925). Narimanov authored a number of books (novel Bakhadur and Sona [1896] and historical trilogy Nadir Shah [1899]) and also translated Russian classics. He died of heart attack on 19 Mar 1925 and was interred on the Red Square, Moscow.
Biographical sources: Gosudarstvennaja vlast' SSSR (1999), 437.

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