North Carolina: Presidents of the Provincial Council: 1775-1776

President of the Provincial Council
18 Oct 1775 - 11 May 1776 Cornelius Harnett [1]

[1] The Provincial Congress resolved (9 Sep 1775) "That the power of the different Committees of Safety and the Provincial Council shall continue during the recess of the Congress, and until it shall be otherwise determined therein; and that all the proceedings of the said Committees of Safety and Provincial Council shall be laid before the Congress for their Inspection." [North Carolina Colonial Records, 10:210] The last session of the Provincial Council was held 5 Mar 1776 but it was not formally dissolved until the fourth Provincial Congress met at Halifax 4 Apr 1776 and ordered the dissolution of the Provincial Council on 11 May 1776 [North Carolina Colonial Records, 10:581]
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