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California: Polity Style: 1849-2024

17 Aug 1846 the Territory of California is declared to be a possession of the United States in accordance with a proclamation of the Commander-in-Chief and Governor of the Territory of California issued on 17 Aug 1846 at Ciudad de los Angeles (Californian, No. 4, 5 Sep 1846, p. 2) [1]
30 May 1848 the territories of Mexico occupied by the armed forces of the United States are included within the boundaries of the United States established in accordance with a treaty concluded by the plenipotentiaries of both nations at Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico, on 2 Feb 1848 (effective upon the exchange of ratifications at Querétaro on 30 May 1848) (Statutes at Large, 9:922-943; Correo Nacional, No. 121, 9 Jun 1848, pp. 1-4) [2]
12 Dec 1849 the Constitution of the State of California is adopted by the Constitutional Convention held at Monterey on 11 Oct 1849, signed by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention on 13 Oct 1849, and ratified by a popular vote on 13 Nov 1849, the results of the vote are certified by the proclamation of the Governor of California issued on 12 Dec 1849 (California Constitutional Convention 1849, pp. 459-461, 476; Alta California, No. 7, 24 Dec 1849, p. 3)
12 Dec 1849 - State of California
9 Sep 1850 the State of California is admitted to the United States in accordance with an act passed by the Congress of the United States (Senate on 13 Aug 1850, House of Representatives on 7 Sep 1850), signed into law on 9 Sep 1850 (Statutes at Large, 9:452-453) [3]
  1. The armed forces of the United States occupied the northern region of of Mexico, including northern part of Departamento de las Californias (formerly Territorio de Alta California) in 1846. The proclamation referred to the occupied area as "Territory of California," but it was never constituted as an organized territory under the United States law.
  2. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo did not specifically refer to the occupied territory as a "cession."
  3. Full title: An act for the Admission of the State of California into the Union.