b. ?
d. 2 Aug 924 (buried at Winchester)

Title: Rex (King) (see note on royal styles)
Term: after 17 Jul - 2 Aug 924
Chronology: after 17 Jul 924, recognized as king in Wessex after the death of his father, Eadweard the Elder
  2 Aug 924, died

Ælfweard was the son of King Eadweard the Elder, who probably intended a division of the kingdom after his death, between Æthelstan (in Mercia) and Ælfweard (in Wessex). It is conjectured, however, that the political establishment in Wessex chose Ælfweard, and that the establishment in Mercia set up Æthelstan in opposition to him. Ælfweard outlived his father by a couple of weeks and eventually Æthelstan succeeded to the whole kingdom. Biography sources: [1][2][3]

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