United Kingdom: Polity Style: 1707-2022

1/11 May 1707 - 1 Jan 1801 Kingdom of Great Britain [1]
1 Jan 1801 - 12 Apr 1927 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland [2]
12 Apr 1927 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [3]

[1] Act Ratifying and Approving Treaty of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, assented to 16/27 Jan 1707. From Art. 1: "... United into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain." The rest of the Act, and some later legislation, refer to the "United Kingdom of Great Britain"; this formulation does not appear in the Royal Style and Titles.
[2] Act of the Parliament of Great Britain: An Act for the Union of Great Britain and Ireland, incorporating in full the corresponding Act of the Parliament of Ireland; assented to 1 Aug 1800.
[3] Act to provide for the alteration of the Royal Style and Titles and of the Style of Parliament and for purposes incidental thereto, assented to 12 Apr 1927. Change in Polity Style inferred from statutory change in the Style of Parliament.
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