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Transcaucasia: Polity Style: 1917-1918

15/28 Nov 1917 Transcaucasian Commissariat assumed executive authority in Transcaucasia in accordance with a declaration issued in Tiflis (now Tbilisi, Georgia) on 15/28 Nov 1917 (Foreign Policy of Transcaucasia and Georgia - Documents and Materials, pp. 7-8)
15/28 Nov 1917 - 26 May 1918 Zakavkaz'e (Закавказье) | Transcaucasia
9/22 Apr 1918 Transcaucasia is proclaimed an independent democratic federal republic, resolution of the Transcaucasian Diet of 9/22 Apr 1918 (Transcaucasian Diet Proceedings, 22nd meeting, p. 56) [1]
26 May 1918 disintegration of Transcaucasia is acknowledged, the Transcaucasian Diet is dissolved in accordance with a resolution of the Diet of 26 May 1918 (Caucasus, No. 106, 28 May 1918, p. 2)

[1] The Transcaucasian Diet did not pass any resolution as to the name of the state. After the declaration of independence (9/22 Apr 1918), Zakavkaz'e (Закавказье) continued in official use as the most frequently used style. Other alternatives included Zakavkazskaja Respublika (Закавказская Республика), Zakavkazskaja Federativnaja Respublika (Закавказская Федеративная Республика).