Ivan Khokhlov

Ivan Sergeyevich Khokhlov

b. 1895, Gubino, Bronnitsy region, Moscow province, Russian Empire
d. 11 Feb 1973

Title: Председатель Совета Народных Комиссаров РСФСР (Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR)
Term: 2 Jun 1940 - 23 Jun 1943
Chronology: 2 Jun 1940, appointed, resolution passed at the 3rd session of the 1st RSFSR Supreme Soviet [1]
  23 Jun 1943, discharged, decree of Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet [2]

Ivan Khokhlov was born in a peasant family residing in the Moscow province. He started to work as weaver when he was 11. In 1918 Khokhlov joined the Red Army and the Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks. In 1919 he became a member of the Ashitkov district executive committee. He held minor positions in the bodies of workers' and peasants' inspection (1920-1923), in the Bronnitsy and Bogorodsky district executive committees of the Moscow province (1923-1929). In 1929-1931 Khokhlov studied in the Leningrad Finance Academy and received a job in the RSFSR people's commissariat for finance. In early 1930s he was employed by the Moscow provincial finance department; in 1934-1937 served as chairman of the Ramenskoye district executive committee. From August 1937 to August 1938, Khokhlov held the office of chairman of the Moscow provincial executive committee. He was four times elected a member of the USSR Supreme Soviet (1938-1958). The first session of the USSR Supreme Soviet elected Khokhlov deputy chairman of Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet (17 Jan 1938 - 31 May 1939). At the same time Khokhlov headed the Tsentrosoyuz (highest body for co-operatives) as chairman (Sep 1938 - Jul 1940). The 18th party congress elected him a candidate member of the Central Committee (1939-1956). In July 1940, Khokhlov headed the government of Russian SFSR. In the years of World War II, he was a member of military councils of the Western (from Sep 1941) and the 3rd Belarus (from 1944) fronts. Due to his long absences, his functions as Chairman of the RSFSR Council of People's Commissioners were exercised by deputy chairman Konstantin Pamfilov. In 1943 Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet finally released Khokhlov from the duties of government chairman "... because of his transfer to the military service". In 1943 Khokhlov received a rank of lieutenant general of quartermaster service. In 1945-1955 he returned to work in the Tsentrosoyuz as board chairman. During the later part of his career Khokhlov served as chief of the Central Administrative Board for the State Trade (from 1955). Biography source: [3][4]

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