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Papua New Guinea: Polity Style: 1975-2024

16 Sep 1975 becomes an independent sovereign state on the date (16 Sep 1975) prescribed by the Papua New Guinea Independence Act 1975 (passed by the House of Representatives and by the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia on 28 Aug 1975 and 4 Sep 1975 respectively, received royal assent 9 Sep 1975) [1]
16 Sep 1975 constituted as the Independent State of Papua New Guinea in accordance with the Constitution of 1975 (adopted by the Constitutional Assembly of Papua New Guinea 15 Aug 1975, effective 16 Sep 1975 as prescribed by the Preamble) (Papua New Guinea Constitution 1975)
16 Sep 1975 - Independent State of Papua New Guinea

[1] Full title: An Act relating to the attainment of Independence by Papua New Guinea.