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Carrera, Martín

Antonio Martín Mariano Julio Carrera Sabat

b. 20 Dec 1806, Puebla
d. 22 Apr 1871, Mexico

Title: Presidente Interino de la República Mexicana (Interim President of the Mexican Republic)
Term: 15 Aug 1855 - 12 Sep 1855
At the time of his birth, his father served as a first captain of artillery in Puebla; joined the royalist army as a cadet at the age of eight; earned his first promotion to second lieutenant of fusiliers in 1819 when he was 12; defected to the Army of the Three Guarantees and was made second lieutenant of light infantry (cazadores) in 1821; brevetted lieutenant in Dec 1821 (confirmed in 1823); brevetted captain in 1822 (confirmed in 1824); participated in the siege of the island fortress of San Juan de Ulúa (1823); was transferred to Mexico City where he was given a task to supervise the manufacture of arms; commanded artillery in San Luis Potosí (1826-1829); was involved into conspiracy of General José Gabriel de Armijo who supported in San Luis Potosí (1828) the rebellion of Nicolás Bravo; led his artillery brigade to Mexico City to suppress the rebellion of the troops of La Acordada barracks (1828); promoted to lieutenant colonel (1829);
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Candidate Votes of States (6 Jan 1853)
Juan Bautista Ceballos 17
Mariano Riva Palacio 2
Juan Nepomuceno Almonte 1
Juan Nepomuceno Álvarez Hurtado 1
Source of electoral results: El Siglo Diez y Nueve, No. 1,471, 7 Jan 1853, p. 1.