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Korea: Polity Style: 1393-1910

27 Mar 1393 name of the state is reverted to Joseon (朝鮮|조선) in accordance with a royal proclamation of 27 Mar 1393 based on the instructions approved by the emperor of Ming on 22 Dec 1392 (Joseon Veritable Records, 1st year of the reign of Taejo, book 1, volume 3, pp. 3B-4A)
27 Mar 1393 - 13 Oct 1897 Joseon (朝鮮|조선)
24 Feb 1637 the suzerainty of Qing is recognized by the king of Joseon at a ceremony held at the site historically known as Samjeondo (in modern-day Seoul) (Joseon Veritable Records, 15th year of the reign of Injo, book 34, volume 34, p. 23A)
8 May 1895 independence of Joseon is recognized in accordance with a treaty concluded by the representatives of Qing and Japan at Shimonoseki, Japan, on 17 Apr 1895 (effective upon the exchange of the intruments of ratification at Yantai, Qing, on 8 May 1895) (Japan Official Gazette, Extra, 13 May 1895, pp. 1-4)
13 Oct 1897 name of the state is changed to Daehan (大韓|대한) in accordance with an imperial decree issued on 13 Oct 1897 (Korea Official Gazette, Extra, 14 Oct 1897, pp. 1-2)
13 Oct 1897 - 29 Aug 1910 Daehan (大韓|대한)
29 Aug 1910 sovereignty over Korea is ceded to the emperor of Japan in accordance with a treaty concluded on 22 Aug 1910 (effective upon the publication along with proclamations by the emperors of Korea and Japan) (Korea Government General Official Gazette, No. 1, 29 Aug 1910, pp. 1-2, 17-18)