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Korea: Emperors: 1897-1910

Each ruler is recorded under the following protocol: temple name (myoho|廟號|묘호) || tabooed personal name (hwi||); courtesy name (ja||); posthumous name (si||). Other names are included where applicable. The years of bestowal or change are given in brackets.
Hwangje (皇帝|황제)
12 Oct 1897 - 22 Jul 1907 Gojong (高宗|고종) [1919] || I Jaehwang (李載晃|이재황), I Hui (李㷩|이희) [1864]
childhood name: Myeongbok (命福|명복)
courtesy name: Myeongbu (明夫|명부), Seongnim (聖臨|성림) [1864]
honorific title (after relinquishing imperial authority): Taehwangje (太皇帝|태황제) [1907]
posthumous name: Tongcheon yungun jogeuk dollyun jeongseong gwangui myeonggong daedeok yojun sunhwi umo tanggyeong eungmyeong ipgi jihwa sinyeol oehun hongeop gyegi seollyeok geonhaeng gonjeong yeongui honghyu sugang munheon mujang inik jeonghyo taehwangje (統天隆運肇極敦倫正聖光義明功大德堯峻舜徽禹謨湯敬應命立紀至化神烈巍勳洪業啓基宣曆乾行坤定英毅弘休壽康文憲武章仁翼貞孝太皇帝|통천 융운 조극 돈륜 정성 광의 명공 대덕 요준 순휘 우모 탕경 응명 입기 지화 신열 외훈 홍업 계기 선력 건행 곤정 영의 홍휴 수강 문헌 무장 인익 정효 태황제) [1919]
22 Jul 1907 - 29 Aug 1910 Sunjong (純宗|순종) [1926] || I Cheok (李坧|이척)
courtesy name: Gunbang (君邦|군방)
pen name: Jeongheon (正軒|정헌)
nobility title (after relinquishing imperial authority): Changdeokgung I wang (昌德宮李王|창덕궁 이왕) [demoted to prince by the emperor of Japan, 1910]
posthumous name: Munon munyeong donin seonggyeong hyohwangje (文溫武寧敦仁誠敬孝皇帝|문온 무녕 돈인 성경 효황제) [1926]

[1] Gojong delegated executive authority to the crown prince I Cheok, designated as Daeri (代理|대리), "acting" (as proxy), by an imperial decree approved on 19 Jul 1907 (backdated to 18 Jul 1907, published in Korea Official Gazette, Extra, 19 Jul 1907, p. 9), handing over the authority at a ceremony perfomed by proxies on 20 Jul 1907. On 22 Jul 1907 Gojong approved another decree, effectively terminating his reign (backdated to 19 Jul 1907, published in Korea Official Gazette, No. 3825, 23 Jul 1907, p. 74). In consequence, the form of address of the crown prince in legalities was changed from Daeri to Hwangje (皇帝|황제) in accordance with a memorial presented by the cabinet ministers and approved by the crown prince on 22 Jul 1907 (Korea Official Gazette, Extra, 23 Jul 1907, p. 1). The formal enthronement of Sunjong followed on 27 Aug 1907 along with a confirmation of the decrees issued during the interval.