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Papal States: Polity Style: 1800-1870

22 Jun 1800 the government of Rome and provinces is transferred from the commander-in-chief of the army of the Kingdom of Naples to the legates appointed by Pius VII, proclamations of the commander-in-chief and of the legates of 22 Jun 1800 (Diario di Roma, No. 51, 25 Jun 1800, pp. 22-26; La storia dell'anno 1800, Part 3, 169-170)
17 May 1809 the Papal States are "re-united" with the French Empire in accordance with an imperial decree issued by the Emperor of the French on 17 May 1809 in Vienna (Bollettino della consulta, No. 1, 1809, pp. 2-9)
10 Jun 1809 the incorporation of the Papal States into the French Empire is declared by a proclamation of the Consulta straordinaria issued in Rome on 10 Jun 1809 (Gazzetta romana, No. 92, 10 Jun 1809, pp. 410-411)
11 May 1814 the government of Rome and provinces is transferred from the representative of the King of the Two Sicilies (Naples) to the apostolic delegate, public ceremony, Rome (Moscarini, 15, 126)
14 Mar 1848 the Fundamental Statute for the Temporal Government of the States of the Holy Church (Statuto Fondamentale pel Governo Temporale degli Stati di Santa Chiesa) is issued by the Supreme Pontiff on 14 Mar 1848 (Gazzetta di Roma, No. 43, 16 Mar 1848, pp. 169-171)
9 Feb 1849 the Roman State (Stato Romano) is proclaimed a republic under the name of Repubblica Romana in accordance with a decree approved by the Constituent Assembly (Assemblea Costituente Romana) during the session of 8-9 Feb 1849; publicly proclaimed at a ceremony in Rome on 9 Feb 1849 (Monitore Romano, No. 10, 10 Feb 1849, pp. 47-48; Constituent Assembly 1849, pp. 61-100) [1]
1 Aug 1849 the government of the Papal States is transferred from the commander-in-chief of the army of France to a commission appointed by Pius IX, order of the commander-in-chief of 1 Aug 1849 (Giornale di Roma, No. 24, 2 Aug 1849, p. 107)
20 Sep 1870 an act of capitulation is signed by the commanders-in-chief of the troops of the Papal States and of the troops of the King of Italy in Villa Albani on 20 Sep 1870 (Gazzetta ufficiale di Roma, No. 1, 23 Sep 1870, p. 1)
9 Oct 1870 Rome and Roman provinces (Provincie Romane) are incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in accordance with a royal decree of 9 Oct 1870, publicly signed and proclaimed by the King of Italy at a ceremony in Rome on 9 Oct 1870 (Raccolta ufficiale delle Leggi e dei Decreti del Regno d'Italia, No. 5903, 9 Oct 1870, pp. 2484-2485; Gazzetta ufficiale di Roma, No. 18, 10 Oct 1870, p. 69)

[1] Stato Romano was a term of reference to the polity used by Commissione Provvisoria di Governo (29 Dec 1848 - 5 Feb 1849).