Gran Colombia: Polity Style: 1819-1831

17 Dec 1819 unification of Venezuela and Nueva Granada into a state under the name of República de Colombia is proclaimed in Art. 1 of the Organic Law passed by the Soberano Congreso de Venezuela 17 Dec 1819 and promulgated the same day (Congreso de Angostura, pp. 247-250; Correo del Orinoco, No. 47, 18 Dec 1819, pp. 2-3)
17 Dec 1819 - 21 Nov 1831 República de Colombia [1]
21 Nov 1831 polity ceased to exist when the last group of provinces belonging to Gran Colombia which had not joined either Venezuela or Ecuador proclaimed the creation of a state under the name of Nueva Granada in accordance with Art. 1 of the Organic Law of Nueva Granada passed by the Convención 17 Nov 1831 and promulgated 21 Nov 1831 (Gaceta de Colombia, No. 559, 4 Dec 1831, p. 1)

[1] Gran Colombia is the byname for República de Colombia, the polity encompassing Nueva Granada (now Colombia, including future Panama), Quito (now a part of Ecuador), and Venezuela.
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