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Central America: Heads of State: 1921-1922

Presidente del Consejo Federal Provisional Centroamericano [1]
13 Jun 1921 - 9 Sep 1921 José Vicente Martínez [2]
Presidente del Consejo Federal Provisional de la República de Centro América [3]
9 Sep 1921 - 29 Jan 1922 José Vicente Martínez 

[1] Elected members (delegados) of the Consejo: José Llerena (Guatemala; never takes office); José Vicente Martínez (Guatemala; substitute for Llerena); Francisco Martínez Suárez (El Salvador), Dionisio Gutiérrez (Honduras).
[2] Marcial Prem Bolaños is elected a sole member for Guatemala (22 Dec 1921) while the election of Llerena and Martínez is declared illegal (decree promulgated 23 Dec 1921); he is not allowed to take his seat on the Consejo and Martínez continues in office without consent of the government of Guatemala.
[3] The sessions are suspended by decree of the Consejo of 29 Jan 1922 and never resumed until the last member of the Federation (Honduras) re-assumes full sovereignty and independence 7 Feb 1922.