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Rademaker Grünewald, Augusto Hamann

Augusto Hamann Rademaker Grünewald

b. 11 May 1905, Rio de Janeiro
d. 13 Sep 1985, Rio de Janeiro

Title: Ministro da Marinha de Guerra (Minister of the Navy)
Term: 15 Mar 1967 - 30 Oct 1969
Chronology: 15 Mar 1967, appointed Minister of the Navy by decree of the President of the Republic
  31 Aug 1969, ministers of Navy, Army and Air Force temporarily assumed the presidency for the time of illness of the incumbent in virtue of Article 1 of the Institutional Act No. 12 issued by the three military ministers (Diário Oficial, Seção I - Part I, No. 166, 1 Sep 1969, p. 7369; rectified version in Diário Oficial, Seção I - Part I, No. 173, 10 Sep 1969, p. 7649)
  14 Oct 1969, the office of President of the Republic declared vacant by Article 1 of the Institutional Act No. 16 issued by the military ministers

30 Oct 1969, ceased to exercise the functions of head of state with the installation of the President of the Republic


Augusto Hamann Rademaker Grünewald was educated at the Rio de Janeiro Naval School (1923-1927) and began to serve on naval vessels in 1927. After his promotion to lieutenant (1932), he was entrusted with the command of a minesweeper (1934). Rademaker steadily progressed in navy ranks until he was promoted to captain (1953) and was made a squadron commander (1956). As rear-admiral (1958), Rademaker was named deputy chief of the Navy General Staff (1958-1961). He briefly served as commander-in-chief of the fleet (1961) and attained the rank of vice-admiral in May 1961. Afterward he served as general director of the Navy Aeronautics (1961-1962). Rademaker was one of the signatories of the Institutional Act No. 1 (9 Apr 1964) issued on behalf of the Supreme Command of the Revolution (Comando Supremo da Revolução). This body, composed of generals Artur da Costa e Silva and Francisco de Assis Correia de Melo, and Vice-Admiral Rademaker, instituted a military regime after the removal of President João Belchior Marques Goulart. After occupying for a very short period the offices of navy minister (4 Apr 1964 - 20 Apr 1964) and minister of the transportation and public works (4 Apr 1964 - 15 Apr 1964), Rademaker was made general director of the Navy Personnel Department (1964-1965) and promoted to admiral (September 1964). When Costa e Silva became president in 1967, Rademaker was again appointed navy minister (15 Mar 1967 - 30 Oct 1969), a position which enabled him to wield sufficient power for replacing Costa e Silva with a triumvirate of military ministers, who assumed the presidency in accordance with the Institutional Act No. 12 (31 Aug 1969). Elected Vice President of the Republic on slate with General Emílio Garrastazu Médici (25 Oct 1969), Rademaker was sworn in on 30 Oct 1969. In his position as vice president (30 Oct 1969 - 15 Mar 1974), he temporarily acted as president on three occasions (7 Jul 1971, 6 Dec 1971 - 10 Dec 1971, 13 May 1973 - 20 May 1973) due to the incumbent's visits abroad. He retired from the navy in May 1973. [1]

[1] Dicionário Histórico-Biográfico Brasileiro (1984)