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Bolivia: Polity Style: 1825-2024

16 May 1825 departamentos of Upper Peru (Alto Perú) are organised as a territory occupied by the army of Peru and governed by military authority in accordance with a decree of 16 May 1825 [Colección de leyes, decretos y órdenes publicadas en el Perú, 1:191-192]
16 May 1825 - 25 May 1826 Provincias del Alto Perú [1][2]
6 Aug 1825 act of independence of the provinces of Alto Perú is passed by Asamblea General at Chuquisaca (now Sucre, Bolivia) [Colección oficial de leyes (1826), 14-18]
18 May 1826 independence of República Boliviana is recognised by a decree issued by the Consejo de Gobierno of Peru on 18 May 1826 and proclaimed at Chuquisaca 14 Jun 1826 [Colección de leyes, decretos y órdenes publicadas en el Perú, 4:180-181; Colección oficial de leyes (1826), 186-188]
25 May 1826 pending the reception of orders from Peru recognising national independence, military authority transfers its functions to a Constituent Assembly of República Boliviana (Congreso General Constituyente) convened at Chuquisaca [Documentos referentes a la creación de Bolivia, 2/1:153-159]
25 May 1826 - 1 Oct 1868 República Boliviana and/or Bolivia [3][4]
1 Oct 1868 first instance of República de Bolivia used in the preamble to the Constitution promulgated 1 Oct 1868 [Las Constituciones Políticas, 129-139]
1 Oct 1868 - 7 Feb 2009 República de Bolivia [5]
7 Feb 2009 official use of República de Bolivia is discontinued upon the promulgation of the Constitution
7 Feb 2009 - 18 Mar 2009 Bolivia [6]
18 Mar 2009 Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia is formally approved by decree [Decreto supremo Nº 0048 del 18 de marzo de 2009 in Gaceta Oficial de Bolivia Nº 9 del 18 Marzo 2009, 24-25]
18 Mar 2009 - Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia

[1] Also in official use by military authorities: estas provincias [sc. del Alto Perú], sometimes decretada República Boliviana.
[2] Asamblea General at Chuquisaca passed a decree (11 Aug 1825) declaring República Bolívar as the name of the polity (Documentos para la historia de la vida pública del libertador, 10: 69-71); the decree was not promulgated by the military authorities; Alto Perú and Estado del Alto Perú were used as alternatives in other documents of Asamblea General issued between 10 Jul 1825 and 6 Oct 1825.
[3] The indiscriminate use of República Boliviana, Bolivia and República de Bolivia as well as rare use of Nación Boliviana and República Bolivia is documented for the indicated period; "República Boliviana" and "Bolivia" are included as a part of the executive formula for promulgation of laws in a) Constitutions of 1826, 1831 and 1834; and b) Constitutions of 1851 and 1861, respectively.
[4] 28 Oct 1836 - 20 Feb 1839 a component of Peru-Bolivian Confederation.
[5] República Boliviana continues in some official use, as on coinage (co-existing with República de Bolivia) until 1908.
[6] Upon the promulgation of the Constitution 7 Feb 2009, the official name of the state remains largely undefined, although Estado Plurinacional immediately becomes a legal definition.