Bhutan: Glossary

Dzongkha definitions: Dzongkha (transliteration) - English equivalent {Dzongkha transcription}
'Brug = (literally) Thunder Dragon {Druk} [1]
'Brug-yul = Country of the 'Brug-pa {Druk-yul}
'Brug rGyal-po = King of Bhutan {Druk Gyalpo}
rGyal-sras sPrul-sku = Monastic title of an incarnation of 'Jam-dpal rDo-rje, the son of the Zhab-drung
rGyal-tshab = Ruler's representative
Khri Rin-po-che = "Precious Enthroned" (byname of one of the rGyal-tshab and monastic title of his incarnations)
Zhabs-drung = Monastic title of the Founder of the polity, and attached to his substantive successors
Zhabs-drung Rin-po-che = The Zhabs-drung Enthroned (a common designation of the pre-1907 substantive head of state)
Zhabs-drung gSung-sprul = The "speech" incarnation of the Zhabs-drung
Zhabs-drung Thugs-sprul = The "mind" incarnation of the Zhabs-drung

[1] The name was adopted by the 'Brugs-pa monastic order, and is identified with the polity founded and governed by it.