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Bhutan: Heads of State: 1626-1705

Ruling Family: rGya
Zhabs-drung Rin-po-che [1]
1626 - 1651 Zhabs-drung Ngag-dbang rNam-rgyal bDud-'joms rDo-rje [2]
rGyal-tshab [3]
1651 - 1696 Khri Rin-po-che Ngag-dbang bsTan-'dzin Rab-rgyas
1696 - 1698 mTsho-skyes rDo-rje [4]
1698 - 1705 rGyal-sras sPrul-sku Ngag-dbang Kun-dga' rGyal-mtshan

[1] Referred to as Dharmarājā by foreigners.
[2] This ruler went into "retreat" in 1651 and probably died shortly afterwards; but officially his "retreat" was deemed to continue until his death was formally acknowledged in 1705.
[3] Style used by chroniclers for those who were deemed to be "substitutes" for the Zhabs-drung during his retreat.
[4] This grand-daughter of the Zhabs-drung exercised the functions of a rGyal-tshab, but is not recorded as a holder of this title.