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Andorra: Polity Style: 1278-2024

8 Sep 1278 constituted as a condominium in accordance with a charter known as Pareatge (in Catalan) signed 8 Sep 1278 by the count of Foix and bishop of Urgell (Baudon, 2:161-171) [1]
8 Sep 1278 - 4 May 1993 Valls d'Andorra [2]
26 Jan 1812 Andorra is incorporated into Catalonia which had been organized as a territory occupied by the army of France in accordance with an imperial decree issued by the Emperor of the French on 26 Jan 1812 in Paris (Diario del Gobierno de Cataluña y Barcelona, No. 51, 20 Feb 1812, pp. 1-3) [3]
? ? 1814 disintegration of the French military authority in Catalonia
4 May 1993 Principat d'Andorra is confirmed as official name in accordance with Art. 1 of the Constitution of 1993, taking effect on the date of publication (Butlletí Oficial del Principat d'Andorra, Andorra la Vella, 4 de maig de 1993, Número 24, any 5)
4 May 1993 - Principat d'Andorra

[1] Confirmed by the pope in a letter addressed to the bishop of Urgel (dated Montefiascone, 7 Oct 1283) (Baudon, 2:199-200)
[2] Also in official use: Principat d'Andorra
[3] The incorporation of Andorra into the territory of Catalonia as part of the départmenent of Sègre (Spanish: departamento del Segre) is often referred to as the annexation to the French Empire, but it was never proclaimed by an official act. Strictly speaking, Catalonia remained an occupied territory under the French administration to 1814.