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Wali: 1880-1881

Ruling House: Durrānī - Muḥammadzāʾī (درانی - محمدزائی)
Wālī-i Qandahār (والی قندهار) | Wali of Kandahar
11 May 1880 - 15 Dec 1880 Sardār Shīr ʿAlī Khān (سردار شیر/شېر علی خان) [1][2]
15 Dec 1880 - 21 Apr 1881 office vacant [3]

[1] Sardār Shīr ʿAlī Khān served as governor of Kandahar under the Muḥammadzāʾī ruler Muḥammad Yaʿqūb Khān (arrived to Kandahar on 23 Jul 1879 and took office on 10 Aug 1879). His selection as wālī of Kandahar was communicated to a local darbar on 15 Mar 1880 and he was formally installed on 11 May 1880.
[2] Relinquished the office in accordance with an agreement with the government of British India, leaving the city of Kandahar on 15 Dec 1880, and went into exile.
[3] The government of Kandahar was administered by the General Officer Commanding the Southern Afghanistan Field Force (Robert Hume) and the Political Resident, Southern Afghanistan (Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John).