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Afghanistan: Regional Rulers (Peshawar): 1818-1834

The area approximately corresponding to the territory of the historic province of Peshawar became a de facto independent polity governed by a succession of the regional rulers, challenging the authority of the ruling houses (clans).
Ruling House: Durrānī - Muḥammadzāʾī (درانی - محمدزائی) [except for Sayyid Aḥmad]
1818 - 1824 Sardār ʿAṭā Muḥammad Khān (سردار عطا محمد خان) [1]
1824 - 1828 Sardār Yār Muḥammad Khān (سردار یار محمد خان)
1828 - 1829 Sardār Sulṭān Muḥammad Khān (سردار سلطان محمد خان)
1829 - 1829 Sayyid Aḥmad (سيد احمد)
1829 - 6 May 1834 Sardār Sulṭān Muḥammad Khān (سردار سلطان محمد خان)  [2]

[1] Sardār was a hereditary title in the Muḥammadzāʾī clan.
[2] Independent rule was rescinded after the capture of the citadel of Peshawar by the armed forces of the Sikhs (6 May 1834).